[PROJECT] WeLoveDara and OhDara Support Nolza Donations!

Annyeong everyone!

We all know that 2NE1’s first solo concert, NOLZA, is coming up fast this August 27-28, right? ^_^ I bet that you guys are just as excited as we are!

In Korea, concerts are not only to show people the artists’ abilities. It is also time for fansites to show how much they support their artists. One way for fansites to do so is by donating to the less fortunate in the name of the artists that they support. It is very common to see donations, monetary and material, made to various organizations in the name of artists and groups. Here’s an example:

2NE1’s fans are no different! OhMyGoddess, Dara’s Korean fansite, is going all out for this concert! They plan on donating rice wreaths, in Dara’s name. These rice wreaths, ranging from 20kg – 100kg, will be donated to the less fortunate in Korea, like orphanages.

OhDara and WeLoveDara, is partnering up with OMG to show our support to our dear Dara, and at the same time, help those who are less fortunate. Our Admins and very jjang Supporters/Donors, have already pledged to donate 200kg worth of rice in Dara’s name. However, since this is for a good cause, we decided to open this opportunity up to everyone who wants to support Dara during 2NE1’s first ever concert and at the same time help those in need. We need your help to donate 100kg or more (depending on donations). According to OMG, each 100kg rice wreath costs 480,000 won, roughly $450. So we need that amount to give one more 100kg rice wreath in Dara’s name. We will also be giving Dara flowerwreaths during the concert days. Each flower wreath costs around $150 each (we are planning to give two).

It would be really nice if we all come together to not only cheer for Dara and 2ne1 for their very first concert but also help the less fortunate. Dara always says that we do not need to give her expensive gifts. We honestly believe that this would make Dara really happy. Let’s us be loud and proud to be Dara fans! Let’s show our support, not only to Dara, but to those people who badly need it too! Dara fans, jjang! ^^

Donations, no matter the amount, will be gladly and thankfully accepted.

As an incentive to donors, OhDara and WeLoveDara will have a blanket/quilt done for Dara. The design will be personalized and the names of the donors will be included in the design. This blanket will be given as a gift to Dara via OMG during 2NE1’s Concert.

To those who want to be part of NOLZA but are unable to donate, OhDara and WeLoveDara will also be giving a Messagebook to Dara. Details for this will be released a little later.

Here are several ways to donate:

1. Send your donations via Paypal: welovesandara@gmail.com

2. You can also donate by depositing money in our bank account. Please e-mail welovesandara@gmail.com in order to get the bank details – Chinabank or Metrobank.

3. You can also donate via Western Union and ML Kwarta Padala. Please e-mail welovesandara@gmail.com for details.


[PROJECT] And the winners of WLD’s First Project are…..*drumrolls*

Hey everybody!

I bet everyone is excited to know who the winners are for WeLoveDara’s First Project! Well, we’re very excited to announce them too!

So without further ado, here are the winners of WLD’s First Project:

So congratulations to neineineihoihoi, Bhawana, Sy, Miryuui, and CheDan! ❤ You guys will be receiving an email from us on how to claim your prices!

But wait, while the contest is over, you guys can still leave messages of encouragement and appreciation to our dear Dara HERE! We would be compiling all the messages into a book and will send it to our goddess D! We’re sure that she’ll appreciate all your messages!

Once again, thank you for joining in everybody! Congratulations to our winners! ❤

[PROJECT] WLD’s Third Project! Win 2NE1 hoodies!

Details are on the poster. Please click on it for full view if you can’t see things clearly. For queries, please tweet us at twitter.com/welovedara, or leave a comment here. ^^

Fighting! 🙂

[PROJECT] Winners of THE PARTY tickets and WeLove2NE1 t-shirts project!

Hello everyone!

Thank you so much for participating in WeLoveDara’s project for THE PARTY! Thanks for the love and support! ^^ 

Here are the winners to the contest:

Congratulations once again and please wait for our email for further details!

Thank you again, everyone! Please continue to support WLD! ❤

[PROJECT] Win THE PARTY tickets and WeLove2NE1 t-shirts!

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Also, please include the following info:


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